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Financial Freedom could be just one phone call away…

Over the last 12 years, Dan and Veronica have coached family, friends, veterans, and civilians to pay off over $1,500,000 in debt. We know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck and quite frankly we have made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. We will help you avoid financial pitfalls, give you the necessary tools to overcome financial adversity, and motivate you to obtain the financial fitness required to live the great life you were created to live. With over 39 years of military experience combined, we can help you bring order and discipline to your financial life which are essential tools for financial success. We have dedicated our skills, talents, and abilities to serve our community and beyond with financial education, coaching, and accountability. Our proven system that includes budgeting will help you gain control over your finances, destroy debt, and build wealth.

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March 4, 11, 18 , 25 Thursdays, 7PM -8:15PM via Zoom.
Come catch the FEVA!!! Financial Education Virtual Academy is a 4-week master class on financial health and wellness. You will learn dynamic financial fundamentals and strong strategies for improving your financial health and wellness today. You will learn how to set financial goals, create a budget, destroy debt, increase cashflow, and build wealth. If you are ready to learn and be on a winning team sign-up today to secure your spot.

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“OMG! Financial Education has helped me so much! It help me to realize that YES I can live a life of being DEBTFREE! I didn’t think it would be possible living without a credit card. But, taking the time out to listen to people that has accomplished it, opened my eyes to financial FREEDOM! Once my husband and I took that step and sought help, we were able to pay our house off and now we can say we are”STRAIGHT OUTTA DEBT”!

We are living a blessed life!

-Yarvetta S.

“DV Alston Consulting gives expert advice to eliminating debt. They are thorough, professional, and passionate about providing you with all the tools you need to have the financial freedom to fully enjoy life!”

Marcus and Latrise O.

“If you are truly serious about living a stress free and fulfilling life, then get on the DV Alston Consulting bus. The Alston family is not just teaching how to become debt free, they are a living witness to getting rid of debt. They have always provided sound advice based on knowledge and experience. They walk in the body of Christ and I’m thankful to know them and the encouragement they provide to becoming debt free.”

Tamar W.

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