The 2021 Married Couples Cure to Finance

Couples, do you find yourself arguing with your significant other over money? Well, you are on the right blog today so keep reading. Did you know that the year 2021 symbolizes perfection, integrity, and all-powerful unity? That’s so awesome! This means that this coming year you and your sugar plum are going to become one with your finances and create the perfect financial plan for your future. That’s right!! Have faith!! Don’t doubt it!! Be determined this year to come together with your finances and don’t let anything stop you. Here are a few tips to get you on the right path but before I share these tips please read carefully…… this advice is for legally married couples only. Ok, here we go:

  1. No more secrets-Ladies, no more hiding shopping bags under the bed or in the back of the closet. Guys, no more hiding golf clubs or car/motorcycle accessories. Have an open discussion about the items you want to purchase and come to an agreement. This is easier than it sounds, you can do it!!
  2. Set financial goals together. Decided how much money you want to save, open an account, and work together towards that goal. It’s as simple as that.
  3. Form enough trust to combine your accounts. You are better together!! I understand that there may be some trust issues that prevent this from happening at this point however, you have to establish a deeper form of trust to accomplish this vital step. Work towards becoming one in your finances and I guarantee you will see better results.